Granite and Marble Countertop Edges

Granite and marble countertop provides best possible edge profile with the development in technology. Variety of edge profiles will be offered, if you are ready to puBrchase the countertop. These basic edges will be included in square foot and linear foot price of the countertop. Decorative and complex edges can be added, if you make a better investment.

Basic edges

Countertop edges are available in different edges and the basic countertop edge is the straight edge. The straight edge is the square edge with a slight bevel called chamfer. The basic edges as popular modification called quarter round where the top edges will be rounded off and the double quarter round where both the top and bottom are rounded. Bull nose has a variation and its top edge is rounded more dramatically and it converts the countertop edge perfectly.

Fancy edges

Another edge called fancier edge is available at an extra cost to the customer. The most popular edge is the ogee. It is stimulated by the medieval European architecture and it consist two graceful sweeping arches concave and convex. It gives the elegant look to the countertop. The other common edges include Dupont, cove, stair tread and waterfall.


With increase in technology and possibilities of development, custom edges can be created. Premium edges were more expensive and they take much longer to fabricate. Using the technology and making the ogee edge to cut up as straight edge, then the price of the premium edges will decrease.