Stone Installation

Guidelines for the installation of stone

It is necessary to make sure that proper installation has been carried in the installation method according to the projects with the stone supplier, adhesive manufacturer and installer. While installing the stone, some necessary steps are to be followed.

Material handling

Material is handled in two cases. One is Tile and other is Slab. Handling the material tile is the easy process, since it is sold 10 per box and the weight of the box is also approximate. Tiles can be handled either by the individual or using any two r four wheelers. It should be noted while handling tile is that, it should be in vertical position. Compared to the tile, handling slab is the complicated process. Slabs should loaded or unloaded only using proper equipment. Slabs should also be carried in the vertical position. When granite and marble are polished, the slab should be taken vertically with the polished face touching each other.


Storage is the main function to maintain the natural stone. When slabs are loaded to stock at the site, precaution is to be taken by the individual.

• The polished side of the stone should be kept in the manner facing each other.
• It should be placed away from the tariff area.
• The slab should be arranged vertically.

Sorting stone installation

Delivery verification

The material should be checked whether it is delivered properly. Verification should be made as soon as the material is delivered. When installation of material is done, then it becomes too difficult to make any changes.

Sorting the material

The main function of the material installation is, mixing and matching the stone before installation. This method will always give a uniformed homogeneous installation. Stones must be placed properly by giving correct mixture and matching. Some measures can be followed while sorting the material.

• The area of installation should be divided properly and allocation should be made correctly in separate area and measure enough place for each area including the waste area.

• When the stone tile is installed, then the boxes re to be opened and tiles should be taken randomly. It gives the uniformed and homogeneous look. The stone can be checked by looking the several tiles and mixing them and lay flatly in order to appreciate the stone quality and color.

• Before starting the installation, the direction of the layer is to be considered.

• When enough material is not available to finish, installation should not be started, because additional material may have different tone.

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